The Last Breath


15+ More Info
  • Horror
  • 11 Jul, 2024
  • 1h 36m

Lead cast

  • Jack Parr, Julian Sands, Kim Spearman


  • Joachim Heden


On a gorgeous Caribbean island, five college friends are reunited for a carefree weekend of revelry and romance. They embark on a scuba diving tour of a newly uncovered WW2 shipwreck, but what they discover lurking in the ruins below is beyond their darkest fears. Tranquility turns to tragedy, when the group are forced to take refuge in an airlock within the labyrinth of the wreck, hunted at every turn by great white sharks. With their oxygen rapidly running out and the predators closing in, they must fight to survive and save those they love most. Will they escape or will this be their last breath?